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Our Mission

"unlocking crypto’s potential”


“making bitcoin & blockchain easy to use,” and “making bitcoin the most popular currency in the world.” IBH Crypto Bank does is help “the digital currency movement grow.”

Describes this as, “providing the on and off ramps into finance 2.0” and “helping the world move to an open financial system.”



Happy Customers


Meet the Expert Team

Alexey Chadov, CFO

“As Senior Chief Financial Officer (Risk Management), he was part of the key management team of IBH Crypto Holding Branch and amassed valuable business and operational experiences during the USA financial crisis period.”

Dian Javanese, CTO

“A Chartered Secretary (ICSA, USA) by training, Dian Javanese has vast working experiences, namely in the banking and banking related profession.”

Aleksey Alekseev, MD

“We believe that communication is a must and more importantly two-way communication is important to create a personal bonding in this unending journey, so we are dedicated to serve our investors 24/6. "We consider your headache ours".”

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